On art (research), diverse thinking and future scenario’s

ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts

APRIA is an online open platform to support art interventions which aim to build a fair and equitable society through research in artistic practice. APRIA believes that the non-conformist way in which the arts shape their practice and research and harness its innovative and disruptive power has a special quality and helps to build scenarios for a future. Hence, the premise of the arts is their possibility to be connected, collective, and creative in intersections of knowledge, skills, speculation, and critique. The promise of the arts is in making, changing, transforming, and creating new possibilities and alternatives that challenge the scripts of the status quo.

At the heart of APRIA is an encounter with the Other – the other discipline, pedagogy, school, framework, subjectivity, practice, knowledge, discourse, perspective, culture and experience. APRIA believes that the ideas and methods of staging, creating, performing, and understanding encounters that open dialogue and build common knowledges are intrinsic in art practice and research. APRIA is a platform that showcases these encounters through scientific inquiries, artistic contributions, and knowledge movements, encouraging dialogue both globally and at the local specificity of Dutch society around themes that are critical and urgent to the futures that we will live in.

APRIA curates a peer-reviewed journal (APRIA journal) and publishes high-impact essays and other (image and sound) contributions that examine art and interventions of the arts in relation to science and society. In doing so, APRIA follows rigorous standards of academic and artistic integrity, while opening up spaces for diverse voices from multiple identities, perspectives, approaches, cultures, and experiences. We invite contributions in Dutch and English from a broad spectrum of researchers, artists, and students, interested in thinking of interventions of the Arts.

APRIA is a part of ArtEZ University of the Arts.

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