Articles by: Nishant Shah, Lukas Beckenbauer, Vincent Zhong and Anushka Nair

Anushka Nair is a performance artist and graduate of MA Performance Practices from ArtEZ University of Arts, NL. Her work explores the affects, agencies and entanglements of bodies of matter—human and more than human— through performance art. She explores intimacy, multiple subjectivities and transformation through her performative encounters. Her work is situated in the intersections of new materialism, phenomenology, ecology and feminism. She has performed extensively in India and the Netherlands, and was also a Learning Partner (pedagogy) for The Digital Everyday course (IND &NL). Her paper Roo(u)ting: Cultivating relations with matter through performance art was selected for the Sentient Performativities Forum by (UK) and Schumacher College (ENG). She has been published in Thespo Ink (IND), Friend of The Artist (US) and ArtEZ Press (NL).