Articles by: Digital Narrations

Since 2016, the series ‘Digital Narrations’ has been exploring the influence digital media have on the form and distribution of narratives both within and outside of the internet. On the one hand, there are the specific characteristics and conditions of digital media, such as the combination of image and text, nonlinearity, language, cross-linking, and the unclear relationship between fictionality and reality. On the other hand, the possibilities of making the most diverse content visible leads to a new way of dealing with narratives.

The series is an open platform for trying different formats, aesthetics and possibilities of narration. It is curated by Maria-Cecilia Quadri, Lea Schaffner and Philip Ullrich. So far, it has comprised of a number of exhibitions, screening performances, as well as other events, such as artist talks, lectures, conversations and performances in Zurich, Aarau and Bern in Switzerland.