Articles by: Lenn Cox

Lenn Cox explores self-organised learning-working-living environments. Led by the values of collective care, collaboration, solidarity and support, she engages her curatorial nomadic practice to stimulate social ecology. By researching alternative fashion practices as a cultural and social space, Lenn initiates gatherings and facilitates spaces in cooperation, meeting each other as kindred spirits, and developing and sharing methods of co-production and rituals of self-organisation. In addition to participating in the z o m e r k a m p collective, Lenn is currently a practice plan mentor at the ArtEZ M.A. programme Practice Held in Common, initiated by Pascale Gatzen, which is an experiential, practice-based research environment. As linen steward, Lenn is learning how to grow, process and craft with a group our everyday textiles and garments by hand, with commoning as a guiding principle. She is also playfully moving around as co-initiator of SHIFT, a nomadic 24-hour unlearning school operating independently and situationally around a programme and a theme. You can find Lenn on Instagram.