Articles by: Pauline van Dongen and Lianne Toussaint

Dr. Lianne Toussaint is a lecturer and researcher at the department of Cultural Studies of the Radboud University Nijmegen (until summer 2019) and at the department of Media and Culture studies at Utrecht University (as of summer 2019). She currently teaches courses in the BA and MA programmes of Arts and Culture Studies, including Working through Fashion, Thinking through Fashion and The Body in the Arts and Visual Culture. Lianne’s research focuses on the socio-cultural implications of the integration of fashion and technology, which resulted in a PhD dissertation with the title 'Wearing Technology: When Fashion and Technology Entwine' (2018). Her PhD was part of the broader NWO- funded project ‘Crafting Wearables’ (2013-2018) that explored the properties, design, and application of fashionable technologies: