Articles by: Melle Foortjes

Melle Foortjes (1998, Almelo) is a Dutch designer. Her work moves, following the interaction between thought, physical investigation, artistic intuition and dynamic reflection, captured in images, materials and interrelational propositions so they can carry and share their story. She is currently preparing her final graduation work for the Crossmedia Design programme at the AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede, which is entitled Fluid Syntaxis on non-human language and the memory of water. Growing up in the calm east of the country gave her the opportunity to explore her receptive senses, giving her a fascination for detail, scale, continuous interaction, and process. She explores the paces and rhythms of her surroundings, searching for the relations between herself, others, things and their milieu. Reflecting and stimulating processes in which these elements organically influence each other, merge, transform and therefore always change into new qualities that allow new connections to be made.