Articles by: Otto von Busch

Otto von Busch is Associate Professor of Integrated Design at Parsons School of Design, New York. In his research, he explores how the powers of fashion can be bent to achieve a positive personal and social condition with which the every-person is free to grow to their full potential. For over fifteen years, he has examined fashion beyond consumerism, aesthetic decrees and arbitrary authority, and worked towards establishing fashion practice as a shared capability, biosocial energy, a process of mutual flirting, a play of embodied attentions. 

Fervent Pharmakon

This article demonstrates how both food and fashion are closely tied to emotions and to our biosocial beings, offering ‘sweet tastes of aesthetics and sensory pleasure.’ von Busch argues how quick consumption—in these industries of fast and mass production—has paradoxically led to unhealthy addictions (to food and/or social affirmation and self-esteem) and to hunger and emotional starvation. Cooking together or making clothes collectively could, as von Busch suggests, form more intimate and social bonds, as well as healthier relationships with food and fashion.