Articles by: Wegh James Jiryila

Wegh James Jiryila is a graduate of Theatre and Film Art at the university of Jos Plateau State, Nigeria. He is a Filmmaker, photojournalist, and storyteller/scriptwriter. He is a facilitator at A’DOO CAM CO., a film and media enterprise, through which he teaches script writing and has carried out projects across Nigeria training young filmmakers and media practitioners in Nigeria.

He is working with Accountability Lab Nigeria after working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a cinematographer/videographer and scriptwriter on Changing the Narrative on Farmer Herder Crises. He is currently the scriptwriter and producer at Kerts Multimedia Creation, where he is exploring advocacy programmes using audio/visual storytelling.

As a filmmaker, he has been able to use film as a medium (tool) for advocacy and positive change. He is changing the narrative, using film as a tool for social impact. Some of his projects include:

  1. We adopted untold poetry by Word Dive to campaign against child sexual abuse and domestic violence as part of our Fight Child Project, , a story which is part of my reality.
  2. We went further with The Foot the Child Project, for which we trained children living in orphanages in shoe making. They went further, making shoes to distribute to the homeless children on the street called the Almajeri; 
  3. In 2021-2022, I was selected by Accountability Lab Nigeria, an organisation that advocates for good governance and social change, as a film fellow to collaborate in the filming documentary of the Integrity Icon, which features honest civil servants in Nigeria
  4. We produced Fake News to educate Nigerians about the adverse effect of fake news amd the damage it can cause;

In my little way, I am changing the narrative through impactful social change storytelling. That is why we are currently working on another impactful story, choking, a true life sexual abuse and domestic violence story, for which I was privileged to meet and talk to the victim.