Beyond Taxonomic Narratives

Abstract: ‘Beyond Taxonomic Narratives’ investigates how the retelling of unreported stories and reading of archives should take place. It also questions the role of institutions by discussing their responsibility in acknowledging and highlighting similar stories in their collections. The project explores how decolonial re-readings of archives are currently taking place across Dutch institutions and examines ways of counter-archiving. The weaving of personal and interview narratives reflects on how archival material and storytelling could be used as a tool to de-centre the archival perspective.

Keywords: archive, storytelling, decolonisation, taxonomy

Natalia Sliwinska

Born in 1993 in Poland, Natalia Sliwinska is a designer and visual researcher presently based in Rotterdam. Her work responds to the current socio-political discourses through documentary-making, interviews and writing. Her recent works explore the thematics of different ways of knowing and methodologies of counter-archiving. Sliwinska holds a B.A. in Communication Design from the Glasgow School of Art (2018) and a Non Linear Narrative M.A. from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (2021).