Body and Power(lessness) dossier

In a series of publications and event, ArtEZ Studium Generale and online Magazine Mister Motley, launched an ongoing research into the topic of Body and Power(lessness). What happens when we find that we have far less control over our bodies than we thought we had, due to the external force exerted on our bodies by a disease, on our freedom of movement by the government and on our minds by technology? What does this powerlessness do to our body and to the way we look at it?

We explored all this and discussed with students, artists and academics how we physically experience autonomy, powerlessness, justice, care and collectivity. And in particular, we looked at ways of strengthening our body by taking very good care of it, by listening or by collaborating, and speaking as one collective body.

For APRIA, we brought together a selection of publications and events.

In an interview with Olivia Laing, we talk about her book Everybody in which she addresses many aspects in relation to the body. From illness, to freedom and sexuality.

Author Dagmar Bosma discusses transbodies, researcher Jules Sturm discusses the vulnerable body and ArtEZ student at the master’s program DAI velvet leigh made a performance about that vulnerable body. Author Maurits de Bruijn elaborates on the subject of trauma. Sexuality is covered in the interview with curator Ine Gevers. More information and contributions on this topic can be found here 

You can find all articles in the Body and Power(lessness) dossier below:

Studium Generale also offers an online course for Body and Powerless(ness) created by Isis Freitas Vale Germano. Find the course ‘The Body: Drie lessen over het lichaam om in je eigen tijd te volgen’ here (NL)

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