Diversity Stories Podcast

Season 2: Rajae El Mouhandiz & International Students Circle

ArtEZ studium generale’s Diversity Stories is a podcast about diversity in its broadest sense. The podcast is a variety of personal reflections, stories and research by ArtEZ students and staff, and recorded studium generale events. It is hosted by students Henrike Gootjes and Mel Kikkert.

Season 2, episode 1. Diversity Stories (2019) starts with a presentation by Rajae El Mouhandiz (singer, composer, theatre maker) and a presentation by Mariane Cortez Mereilles (student Master Fashion Strategy). Both lectures were part of the event HOME. A happening with artists, scholars and students on home & citizenship that took place in Zwolle on 8 November 2018. The central question of the event was: How can you approach and welcome the other? Underlying that question is the firm belief that art and imagination play a crucial role in the struggle for an inclusive and just society.

Rajae El Mouhandiz tells a personal story. A superhero story. She shares three life lessons and emphasizes the power of imagination. After that you can listen to a presentation by Mariane Cortez Meirelles, student of the Master Fashion Strategy and connected to International Student Circle. Mariane Cortez Meirelles is originally from Brazil and she tells about what home means to her.

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Diversity Stories is a monthly podcast. An idea of ArtEZ studium generale and produced in cooperation with Dennis Gaens (ondercast and lecturer Creative Writing at ArtEZ).