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Digital Narrations: Fails and Errors

Earthbnb, from Platform to Planet

How the Interface Transforms Private and Public Space

Abstract: This short (5.43 min) online video and accompanying research materials (an online collaborative board) situate DoriO’s research into the platform-capitalism apparatus of Airbnb. Through a digital collage of screen captures and 3D photogrammetry, the work experiments with the aesthetics of Airbnb, inserting text-based interventions and spoken word into the interface that foreground the ‘fails n errors’ that the online marketplace propagates. Within this context, concerns about infrastructure are brought to the fore and questions populate the search bars of the website. DoriO began working on ‘Earthbnb’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. Confined during lockdown, the group each scanned their rooms using a 3D application and joined these together to form an online home of sorts. The film and accompanying materials share the process of conducting collaborative practice-based research during the pandemic.

Keywords: Platform capitalism takeover, gentrification, neoliberal digitalisation, critical poetics, inhuman modernity

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DoriO is an artistic research collective that thinks and acts through the internet. Their practice is situated at the intersection of critical posthumanism theory and new materialism. They combine theoretical, curatorial and artistic practices across a range of modes from digital and performative presentations to zines, papers and research interventions. They are situated across Germany, Canada, England, Sweden and Poland. DoriO formed in 2015 as The Posthuman and Art Research Group and have presented at the 7th Annual Conference in New Materialism (Warsaw) and Open Fields International Conference (Riga).


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