Elizabeth Losh on the #Hashtag

Radio ArtEZ podcast

Radio ArtEZ is a podcast about agile thinking and the power of the arts. Each episode will delve into relevant questions of today and will broadcast diverse voices from multiple identities, perspectives and experiences. The podcast will feature personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students and staff, and recordings of ArtEZ studium generale events.

Elizabeth Losh on the #Hashtag
Season 3, episode 1

What is a hashtag for? Is it simply a character, invented by Silicon Valley, to facilitate an electronic search and a way to name things? Or is it a tool to facilitate political actions and steer participants in social movements?

In this podcast, Professor Elizabeth Losh (College of William & Mary, Virginia) discusses how the hashtag, as a cultural artefact, is the result of accreted sets of practices and invisible labour, involving negotiating competing claims about identity, ownership, and naming conventions. Independent researcher and curator Margarita Osipian moderates the discussion.

Radio ArtEZ was preceded by the podcast series Diversity Stories 1 and 2 which can also be heard at Radio ArtEZ. Radio ArtEZ is an idea of ​​ArtEZ studium generale and was made in collaboration with Dennis Gaens (ondercast / De Nieuwe S, teacher of creative writing) and students.