Harriet Bergman on climate breakdown

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Radio ArtEZ is a podcast about agile thinking and the power of the arts. Each episode will delve into relevant questions of today and will broadcast diverse voices from multiple identities, perspectives and experiences. The podcast will feature personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students and staff, and recordings of ArtEZ studium generale events.

Harriet Bergman on climate breakdown

This podcast features excerpts from a talk by Harriet Bergman and a conversation we had before the talk. The talk was part of the How on Earth programme by ArtEZ studium generale.

Harriet Bergman researches climate change and emotions at the University of Antwerp, and practices what she preaches as part of Fossil Free Culture NL. Her academic research at the department of Philosophy focuses on political emotions and their (de)mobilizing power for social movements. In this podcast she shares with us her ideas on the ways in which the arts can play a role in climate crisis communication. Fossil free culture is a collective of artists, activists and researchers working at the intersection of art and climate activism. With their disobedient art, they seek to bring an end to oil and gas sponsorship of public cultural institutions in the Netherlands.

Radio ArtEZ was preceded by the podcast series Diversity Stories 1 and 2 which can also be heard at Radio ArtEZ. Radio ArtEZ is an idea of ​​ArtEZ studium generale and was made in collaboration with Dennis Gaens (ondercast / De Nieuwe S, teacher of creative writing) and students.

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