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Time Matters

La Durée


Henri Bergson introduced me to his two possible concepts of time: time as we actually experience it, and mechanistic time. ‘La durée’ is what he called the deep, inner experience of time, in which our brain lets go of control, when it doesn’t want to separate current and past states. In my films I search for the experience of ‘la durée’ by using both concepts of time, and turning them around, interrogating and changing them.

Keywords: time, timelessness, La Durée, a swing of time, Paula Walta

Music: Albert Winters
Film: Homme Joustra
Performance & editing: Paula Walta
Paula Walta

After a long career as choreographer and artistic leader of the company Beeldend Danstheater Telder, Paula chose to focus on artistic research, performance and deepening her practice. In 2018, Paula obtained Master of Theatre Practices diploma at ArtEZ University. Paula focuses on issues surrounding time and timelessness, productivity and resisting capitalism. She wants to question the way we perceive reality and searches for ways to stretch her consciousness into the unconscious part of the brain. She is interested in the body as an archive, in which many images, movements and memories are kept.