Read the complete Towards Engaged Arts series now!

In 2021 we’ve been publishing the Towards Engaged Arts series by researcher Eef Veldkamp. In this series of 15 essays, Veldkamp investigates the set of axioms upon which the engaged artistic practice of today is built. In doing so, he discusses new propositions that would better fit the premises of engaged arts as we know them today.

If you haven’t kept up with the series so far, you can now read the entire series from start to finish.

The Towards Engaged Arts series consists of the essays:

Towards Engaged Arts

A Bird’s-Eye View of Engaged Practices

The Location of Art

Reflective and Transgressive Engaged Practices

Medium-centrism and Transmedial Thinking

Realism, Hyperrealism and Transrealism in Engaged Practices


Help! Help! Help!

Engaged Art Incorporated

Authentically Unoriginal

The Toponomy of the Classroom

The Dimensions of Propaganda

Why So Serious?

Just Leaving and Other Ways of Saying Goodbye

Thingly Things