No School Station

a Radio ArtEZ miniseries

This four-part miniseries of Radio ArtEZ is on education outside of the educational institutions. The current state of art education and the way it is organized is quite traditional. Thoughts about change often start from existing concepts. But what happens when we think in a radically different way? The corona pandemic, for example, confronts us with something completely new. All education now has to be conducted through digital means. This brings along many beautiful new possibilities to explore. But what are the dangers and limitations of this form of education? Does it offer opportunities for everyone? Thinking about the future of (art) education makes us reflect on the values we want an art school to represent. The podcast No School Station is an exercise in thinking about these questions. Created by the Art education as Critical Tactics team of ArtEZ with the support of ArtEZ studium generale.

Episode 1: No School & Urgency
with contributions from Fabiola Camuti, Jeroen Lutters, Mirthe Dokter, and Tim Hammer.

Episode 2: No School & Magnetism
In this episode curator Fabiola Camuti (Professorship AeCT) talks with Ezme Davis, a sociologist and pedagogue, trained in the Montessori method, about the Binding Elements of Education. Next, a contribution from Danny Jeroense, teacher creativity & design at the Creative Vocational School Cibap about the magnetic power of the school building in times of social distance. Including music by Christian Pabst, pianist, composer, and conservatory teacher.

Episode 3: No School, No Home
No School pedagogy sometimes operates outside institutional frames, and sometimes outside buildings. No School can be home-based but it can also be nomadic. What does this mean for learning and creating in times of crisis? This episode features contributions by Fabiola Camuti, Cassandra Onck, Lin Wu Adams, and Tom Jansen.

Episode 4: No School, Yes Learning
In this fourth and final episode, we focus on learning, because learning in all its forms has been at the center of every episode of our No School Station and we also want to end with it. We want to say goodbye to you by exploring different ideas and spaces for learning, sometimes unconventional and sometimes de-institutionalized, keeping always in mind the connection and the relation to the main actor within the learning process, aka the learner. This episode features contributions by Fabiola Camuti, Nishant Shah, the VONK collective, and Cassandra Onck.

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Studium Generale

ArtEZ Studium Generale curates and organises gatherings, talks, training courses, podcasts and publications about the state of the arts and its relation to today’s challenges, ranging from immediate societal issues to bold abstract concepts, from climate crisis to identity issues. Our aim is relatively modest. We are not trying to change the world (but if that happens, cool!). Our wish is to create a space to ask probing questions, steer discussions and empower each other to face the future and our (artistic) role in it. Or to put it a bit less boldly, we invite you to get out of your bubble, engage in the debate, meet new people, discover new perspectives, and have a drink.