One year ‘Body and Power(lessness)’

Body and Power(lessness) was the main theme of ArtEZ Studium Generale for the 2021/2022 academic year. This Studium Generale dealt with a number of questions in response to developments in society and art. In this video you can watch some highlights of the programme.

Body and Power(lessness): ArtEZ Studium Generale 2021-2022

  1. ‘The body has increasingly become a project you can work on’
    Willemijn Ruberg, author of History of the Body
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  2. ‘The body knows much more than we think it does. It is time to really listen to it. really, really listen. Because it knows.’
    Narges Mohammadi (artist)
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  3. ‘Of course, I also know that our primary response to the mosquito is a physical one. A reflex aimed at preserving one’s body. But there is definitely more going on under that instinctive surface.’
    Vivian Caccuri (sound artist)
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  4. “Nu ik meer weet over de lichamelijke sporen die traumatisering achterlaat, begrijp ik niet dat ik vrijwel nergens naartoe kan met mijn gemankeerde lijf, begrijp ik niet dat lichaam en geest in de reguliere GGZ nog altijd als twee afzonderlijke units worden bezien.”
    Maurits de Bruijn (schrijver)
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  5. ‘It is no longer necessary to follow the meanings that the disembodied fashion system tries to force on us.’
    Chet Bugter (embodied researcher)
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  6. ‘Wij voelen iets als we een bepaalde beweging maken. Juist al die processen die in ons lichaam aan de hand zijn, waardoor we dingen automatisch doen, die vind ik fascinerend.’
    Coralie Vogelaar (kunstenaar)
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  7. ‘How can the concept of vulnerability become a tool for practising artists?’
    Jules Sturm (theorist)
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  8. Performance velvet leigh (artist)
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