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Time Matters

Something Temporary

In Search of Circular Time


Since the invention of the atomic clock, one could say time has been perceived as a resource which can be divided, controlled and “owned.” While it is evident that today’s modes of production are not sustainable, there is no clear pathway to a more sustainable future. In six episodes, Something Temporary examines different perceptions and forms (sustainable, circular) of time through interviews, field recordings, music and exercises in experiencing time: from the pace of the Rotterdam harbour and high-frequency trading to circadian rhythms and non-human notions of time.

Keywords: sustainable forms of time, chronobiology, philosophy of time, deep listening, storytelling, artistic research

The first episode, Time = Experience, examines how we experience time as human beings, the circadian rhythm and how it relates to rhythms of society, and different approaches to time, informed by the fields of chronobiology and philosophy, with contributions by philosopher and writer Joke Hermsen, professor of neurophysiology Joke Meijer, and music by LY Foulidis.

Laurie Hermans

Laurie Hermans (1988) is a cultural anthropologist and surfer, and conducts research on sustainability and behaviour at TNO. A firm believer in the myriad aspects of creativity and intelligence, Laurie is always looking for ways to connect science and the arts. In this podcast, Laurie hopes to find useful answers for a sustainable future.

Katía Truijen

Katía Truijen (1990) is a media theorist and musician, and works as senior researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut for architecture, design and digital culture in Rotterdam. Katía is fascinated by the ways in which we experience and are subjected to all kinds of time regimes, and how artists and researchers propose alternative, non-linear, non-human and more sustainable perspectives on time, while developing tools and instruments to listen to different timescales and dimensions.