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Climate crisis

Tigress Kali Score
Using oral storytelling and sound, a narrative sets the coordinates of a game-world, navigating the contradictions in the interrelations of ‘nature’ and ‘technology.’ It employs the ultrasonic spectrum used in wildlife telemetry as a mythopoeic time and space, wherein the human hearing range and a shapeshifting being are the centre of the work.
00:21:16:32 is a personal intervention on the means of deceit that employ the human to accept a self-manageable and accountable relationship with their privacy. Signing away our rights to our ‘self’ on a daily basis has become a small price to pay to exist in modern society.
Blood Processing
‘Blood Processing' focuses on the industrial slaughterhouse as a case study for the bigger phenomenon of anthropocentrism. Systems and constructions such as an extreme focus on hygiene regulations inside the slaughterhouse are used to keep the animal as Other as possible. To challenge this, ‘Blood Processing' reimagines the industrial slaughterhouse from the perspective of the blood present in this space. Through this blood, a new narrative is created that challenges binary thinking.
Co-Authoring the Future Participatory Performance and the Climate Crisis
Framed by the metaphor of a road trip, ‘Co-authoring the Future’ explores the use of participatory performance in building cultural discourse about decision-making during the climate crisis. An audio narration accompanies the written work, attempting to explore the theories discussed in the form of a correspondence between the author and her elusive self-awareness.
Staying with the Trouble: How to Tell Stories in the Time of Ecological Crisis?
In November 2019, the editorial advisory board of the APRIA platform at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, sent an open call entitled ‘Staying with the Trouble: How to Tell Stories in the Time of Ecological Crisis?’to the ArtEZ community and beyond. ´Staying with the Trouble´ refers to a Donna…