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Action Recipes Paper Cooking for Embodied Recipes
This contribution describes the motivation for ‘Paper Cooking,’ a design workshop that took place during the Food Friction conference. It reflects on its outcomes, with a view to future directions for work by creating ‘Action Recipes,’ a video repository that presents people’s favourite cooking actions. The repository aims to draw attention to unrecognised aspects of embodied knowledge.
Art Research and Food Technology From Historical Reflections to Creative Speculations
This article is an introduction to three contributions about research related to food and technology. The text introduces the reader to different forms of research from historical reflections, applied action research based on new technologies, and artistic speculations. The author places these different research approaches in the context of the Dutch scientific and higher vocational education, focussing particularly on art academies.
‘FOOD: NOT FOR EATING’ Recipes from the EAT TECH KITCHEN: Speculation, Co-Creation & Play as Critical Practice
Through a series of speculative recipes, cooking demos and co-created dishes, EAT TECH KITCHEN (upon first glance) serves up a playful antidote to the alienation of the modern, Digitised Age.
Future Everyday Food How Emerging Technologies Could Impact Food Consumption
Industrial design has gone through various stages of development since its emergence during the first industrial revolution,[1] and the kitchen as well as the preparation and consumption of food have always been closely linked to its developments. As technologies evolved, the disciplines related to these technologies manifested their impact on designed products.