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Soundings of Ecological Time in Contemporary Music and Sound Art
This essay aims to find ways in which, through music and sound art, we may be able to attune to temporalities that are less anthropocentric and more ecologically minded. In this investigative essay Christenhusz will take a closer listen to four works that touch upon this theme of more-than-human time: Jennifer Walshe’s Time Time Time (2019), Jem Finer’s Longplayer (1999), Felix Hess’ Air Pressure Fluctuations (2001) and John Luther Adams’s The Place Where You Go to Listen (2004-2006). Christenhusz aims to enquire how these works offer representations and sonifications of ecological notions of time through sound.
Crossovers Food & Fashion and the Impact of Science
Farid Tabarki interviews Louise Fresco about what fashion can learn from science and food.
Nike Air Pocket: Fashionable Ecology
This essay contemplates the recent concern with ecologically conscious luxury in fashion alongside similar developments elsewhere in the context of and, indeed, as an expression of a distinct yet increasingly prevalent and pervasive cultural dynamic, a shift in our collective mood or what more popularly tends to be called zeitgeist: the passage from postmodernism to metamodernism.