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Limits of the Self
‘Limits of the Self’ is a poetic exploration of our senses, written from the personal point-of-view of a scenographer. The text is part of Into Territories Unknown, a cahier exploring artistic research, written by Gaia’s Machine, a performance collective the author is part of. The cahier compiles their practices of interdependency and staging ecological spectatorship—a performative way of being-with the world, and a worldly way of being-with an artwork.
Action Recipes Paper Cooking for Embodied Recipes
This contribution describes the motivation for ‘Paper Cooking,’ a design workshop that took place during the Food Friction conference. It reflects on its outcomes, with a view to future directions for work by creating ‘Action Recipes,’ a video repository that presents people’s favourite cooking actions. The repository aims to draw attention to unrecognised aspects of embodied knowledge.