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New materialism

Ecological Time Natures that Matter to Activism and Art
The term ‘Anthropocene’ brings together a range of interrelated ecological catastrophes and relates human history to the time scales of the earth. While dominant modes of thinking maintain technocratic notions of nature and time, art has (re)presented alternative proposals and practices that radically shift perception. To foreground and strengthen the power of art to challenge core cultural assumptions and motivate change, this text maps out the implications of philosophical positions often referred to by artists.
Blood Processing
‘Blood Processing' focuses on the industrial slaughterhouse as a case study for the bigger phenomenon of anthropocentrism. Systems and constructions such as an extreme focus on hygiene regulations inside the slaughterhouse are used to keep the animal as Other as possible. To challenge this, ‘Blood Processing' reimagines the industrial slaughterhouse from the perspective of the blood present in this space. Through this blood, a new narrative is created that challenges binary thinking.
Staying with the Trouble: How to Tell Stories in the Time of Ecological Crisis?
In November 2019, the editorial advisory board of the APRIA platform at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, sent an open call entitled ‘Staying with the Trouble: How to Tell Stories in the Time of Ecological Crisis?’to the ArtEZ community and beyond. ´Staying with the Trouble´ refers to a Donna…
Luxurizing Pre-loved Clothes: A Material and Emotional Future of Luxury
Pre-loved clothes have much to offer the consumer as a future form of luxury, not in the least because of their sustainability. However, despite their quality and exclusivity, not all pre-loved clothes are believed to offer consumers the luxury value vintage clothes do. Can pre-loved clothes become a luxury, and if so, how? This raises questions about how luxury fashion comes into being and about the stakes of human versus material agency in processes of the ‘luxurization’ of fashion.