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Kunst als ‘waarheidsprocedure’
Basiskamp Entre Nous 2017 was een kunstproject dat in de maand september bij Frederiksoord in Drenthe werd gerealiseerd. In een militair basiskamp woonden hier twaalf kunstenaars, die in ruil voor een salaris aan maatschappelijke vraagstukken werkten. Denk dan aan onderwerpen als ouderenzorg, bijvoorbeeld in de gemeente Westerveld waar mensen relatief ver uit elkaar wonen, of aan de effecten van een krimpregio op het onderwijs.
State of Fashion: Searching for the New Luxury
There is a definite need for fashion to become relevant and resilient again, and to take itself seriously—not only by producing clothes in a circular and socially responsible way, but also by using its power to envisage a better world.  Fashion as a discipline should build on its strengths and use its groundbreaking and seductive power to redefine what beauty, luxury, and seduction entail in the twenty-first century.
Hedonistic Sustainability a video interview with Timotheus Vermeulen
Chinouk Filique de Miranda, student MA Fashion Strategy interviews Timotheus Vermeulen during Fashion Colloquium.
Osklen and Sustainability an interview with Oskar Metsavaht
Marina Sasseron de Oliveira Cabral, student of MA Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ University of the Arts interviews Oskar Metsavaht during Fashion Colloquium.
Luxurizing Pre-loved Clothes: A Material and Emotional Future of Luxury
Pre-loved clothes have much to offer the consumer as a future form of luxury, not in the least because of their sustainability. However, despite their quality and exclusivity, not all pre-loved clothes are believed to offer consumers the luxury value vintage clothes do. Can pre-loved clothes become a luxury, and if so, how? This raises questions about how luxury fashion comes into being and about the stakes of human versus material agency in processes of the ‘luxurization’ of fashion.