The Power of Moroccan Roots Music

Radio ArtEZ Podcast

In this episode, musician and writer Samira Dainan takes us on a personal and lyrical journey through Morocco and parts of the Sahara. It’s a biting and poetic exploration of what it means to find your own sound and voice. The Power of Moroccan Roots Music is a thrilling collection of memories and music told by a person in search of her history and her voice, with each account of every audio excerpt radiating love and care. This kaleidoscopic episode lays out how Samira’s voice and sound has been forged by the cultural historical sites, people and events, and the spiritual and healing power of Moroccan Roots Music. This episode is “an ode to the musicians of the Maghreb,” by a musician who with her rigorous craft has revitalized the histories and tales of Amazigh, Arabic, African, and Sufi music, away from the Eurocentric gaze. This podcast is part of the series ‘music and emancipation’, which was initiated by Rana Ghavami in 2019. The first episode took place at Conservatorium Enschede, where students were joined by Katayoun Arian, Blaxtar, and Pax for lectures and workshops. These lectures were centered around the emancipatory power of music in artistic practices.

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