The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts: Radio ArtEZ podcast series

This six part miniseries is based on the conference The Roadmap to Equality In The Arts that took place 18 January 2020 and dealt with the undeniable under- and misrepresentation of women artists, Women of Colour, non-binary and genderqueer artists in the Dutch art world. With performances, keynotes, presentations and panels the conference attempted to establish stepping-stones on the path to gender equality in the arts by raising awareness, gathering data and mobilising existing networks and collective knowledge.

The first episode goes deeper into the core tenet of the symposium and how it came into being. What models of change are there? How can we act together, from an intersectional and inclusive perspective? It features the complete keynote by Nancy Jouwe who kicked off the conference by making a strong case for intersectional thinking and acting in the arts and articulated the hindrances and accelerators for this in the Dutch art world.

The second episode deals with the lack of overview of the situation in the visual arts in the Netherlands in terms of data and the critical situation in Dutch museum spaces with regards to representation. It features Agnès Saal of the French Ministry of Culture on data monitoring and evaluation as the only way to influence policies, Galit Eilat on her pioneering research into the collection of the Van Abbemuseum and Pauline Salet on her research into the percentage of female artists in eight Dutch museums initiated by Mama Cash. It also touches upon the downsides of collecting quantitative data and the importance of qualitative research through collecting subjective stories.

The third episode is dedicated to higher arts education. Although female students dominate the art schools in the Netherlands it is startling to realize that the art-world continues to be male dominated. And even though art schools should offer safe and challenging spaces, sexist and racist mechanisms are still at play today. It features Petra Van Brabandt who offers a passionate and razor-sharp argument about the challenges that art education faces and the pitfalls it comes across.

The fourth episode features a pioneer of change: Nagaré Willemsen who works as the coordinator of the Black Student Union at Rietveld/Sandberg and gives her advise to art institutions based on her experiences as a student of colour in a predominantly white space.

The fifth episode features Yin Yin Wong and Katherine MacBride of Tender Center and focusses on what an intersectional approach can possibly entail.

The sixth episode contains the closing panel of the conference on models of change. About what is really needed to bring about this much needed change and how we can be solidary catalysts. Special attention is paid to emotional labour and only fighting if you have enough agency. And about escaping the pornographic rhythm that neoliberalism forces us into. It features Nancy Jouwe, Delphine Bedel, Nagaré Willemsen, Yin Ying Wong and Katherine MacBride, Galit Eilat, Petra van Brabandt and members from the audience.

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